11 November, 2009

An Evening with the Iron Chef

Hiroyuki Sakai, world renowned for his work on the Iron Chef Series, is known as “The King of Iron Chefs” emerging triumphant as the winner on the show’s Grand Finale after 9 seasons!

Sakai opened La Rochelle, aptly named after the city in France where he trained and discovered his passion to be a true culinary master! There are three restaurants under this name, with two in Tokyo (Shibuya & Minami Aoyama) and one in Fukuoka. Sakai is celebrated as the nurturer of a blossoming group of fine dining successes in Japan!

Prepare your senses as Sakai comes to Ten Broadbeach, for two nights of unforgettable cuisine!

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October 2009
*** See Press Release here ***

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