17 December, 2010

New Year’s Eve special event at TEN

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in true luxury, style and elegance at Ten Japanese Restaurant, Broadbeach.

Whatever timeframe suits your evening plans, at Ten you can relax and enjoy, knowing you will receive the very best quality Japanese cuisine with warm and attentive service in the most beautiful dining room - Ten is truly the best place to be on New Year’ s Eve.

If an “early sunset dinner” suits your plans, Ten Japanese Restaurant offers a choice of menus: either a 4 course Teppan experience, seated at the grill or a 4 course traditional Japanese menu including sushi @ just $80 pp. These early diner menus commence promptly at 5.30pm, and will have you finished by 7.30pm latest, and then off to your next celebration.

If your preference is for “later dining” from 8.15pm to bring in the New Year, Ten is offering a choice of an 8 course Teppanyaki experience or an 8 course exclusive Japanese menu including sushi @ $210 pp, both menus including a glass of champagne on arrival.

Also, from 8.15pm onwards, you will be treated to the romantic sounds of singer soloist “Benson” performing live on New Year’s Eve.

Whichever timeframe or style of menu suits your plans, Ten is definitely the place to celebrate and bring in the New Year with friends and loved ones.

Book early, as seating is very limited and you won’t want to miss out on this very special evening at Ten Japanese Restaurant, Broadbeach.



01 December, 2010

Summer Menu Changes

To celebrate the fabulous new season produce, Head Chef Daisuke Miyake has released his summer Omakase 9 course degustation menu today. Be amongst the first to experience the delights and tantilising tastes of this very special new contemporary Japanese menu featuring Bangalow organic duck, a heavenly sashimi selection with wasabi foam and brown miso and top quality 9+ full blood wagyu that simply melts in your mouth.

Check the menu page for full details of this new Omakase degustation menu plus look for seasonal changes to the sushi a la carte menu, including several truly delicious new dishes suitable for vegetarians and for those of us who love the way Daisuke and his talented team of chefs prepare vegetables.

We hope to see you soon,



25 November, 2010

Lunch-time luxury

For the ladies who love to lunch, and for those of us who want a truly divine dining experience but don’t have all afternoon to relax, I recommend the new teppan course lunch menus launched by Head Chef Daisuke Miyake today.

With the busy person in mind, Chef Daisuke has created new menus which offer fabulous creative teppan cuisine PLUS each menu can be served more promptly, giving you time for lunch + some fun time.

I’ve sampled every dish from both the 3 course teppan lunch menu @ $45 and the 5 course gourmet teppan lunch menu @ $70 (featuring “fresh fillet of tuna grilled and served very rare with soy darkened butter sauce”) and each dish is delicious, delicate, dedicated to freshness and tastes delightful.

With new decadent dessert selections (all slimming of course) the lunch menus will tempt you to indulge. Look under the “menu tab” for full details.

When you call the restaurant or book online for your next lunch reservation, reserve a VIP private dining room and you will truly relax in style and luxury, at Ten Japanese Restaurant.

Cheers Wendy

23 November, 2010

Taste Sensations

Visiting the Gold Coast from Sydney last weekend, Dr and Mrs. Ellis enjoyed the delights of Chef Daisuke’s very special 9 course Omakase menu.

Mrs. Ellis asked me to quote her comments – “whilst the wording on the Omakase menu accurately reflects each dish, it simply doesn’t do justice to their exquisite tastes and creative contemporary presentation. To truly appreciate the culinary art of Ten Japanese Restaurant, you simply must dine there and taste each delicate creation for yourself.”

Thank you Mrs. Ellis, we agree!

Cheers Wendy

15 November, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea

Do you need to find the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone who has everything? Look no further…………………

A gift voucher for lunch or dinner at Ten Japanese Restaurant will delight the most discerning friend or family member, providing a truly memorable gift to look forward to, of a very special dining experience at Ten.

Gift vouchers can be purchased simply by visiting the restaurant during operating hours, and at that time, you can collect the presentation gift voucher. Alternatively, you can call the restaurant during operating hours, provide your credit card details and we will post the presentation gift voucher to you.

You will be well prepared with perfect Christmas gifts and cleverly avoid the hustle and bustle of crowded shopping malls!

A new Omakase course summer menu will commence on December 1st, so don’t forget to check the menu page for updates.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Ten Japanese Restaurant,


Wendy Vaughan

11 October, 2010

Chef Kuni's personal recommendation

While you are seated at the sushi counter, or in a luxurious private dining room at Ten Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Chef Kuni suggests you enjoy a plate of succulent fresh nigiri or roll sushi, for a true Japanese dining experience between your entree and main course.

Don't forget to ask Chef Kuni for his special daily recommendations and see you soon at Ten,

Cheers Wendy

06 October, 2010

Exciting News for Diners !

From 12th October, Head Chef Daisuke Miyake is introducing delicious changes to the seasonal Teppan degustation dinner menu.

As well as a fabulous new 8 course teppan degustation menu, Daisuke has created an alternative 5 course teppan degustation menu, offering guests the choice of an 8 course OR the 5 course dining experience, nightly at Ten Japanese Restaurant.

Chef is also introducing a choice of entrée available to guests on the new dinner degustation menus. If diners wish, they will be able to order the sushi or sashimi selection instead of the teppan entrée offering. Daisuke is predicting that each dish will be so delicious, it will be rather difficult for diners to choose which entrée they would prefer.

The talented team of Teppan chefs at Ten Japanese Restaurant is very excited about these changes to their Teppan menus, and we hope that you will join us soon to sample the delights of the new menus, commencing 12th October.


Wendy Vaughan

30 September, 2010

Head Chef Profile

We proudly introduce the new Head Chef for Ten Japanese Restaurant, Chef Daisuke Miyake.

Daisuke was born in the rainy season, June 1979 in Kyoto, the cultural and ancient capital of Japan. With both parents working long hours as school teachers, he recalls that the family dined out at least 4 times week and home cooking was rare.

His father represented Japan in gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics and Daisuke followed in his footsteps as a teenage gymnast, but his dream, even as a 5-year old, was to be a chef.

From that young age, Daisuke was already making his favourite dishes at home for the family – such as pancakes and fried rice. As he grew, he cut vegetables and prepared dishes for his mother to cook and watched many different Chefs cooking in restaurants and studied the very popular Iron Chef TV shows.

A 3-year apprenticeship in the famous “Shimogamo Saryo”, a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto with 20 chefs all learning their trade and gaining experience under the watchful eyes of master Japanese chefs, was followed by 2 yrs of study and training at a Tokyo cookery school for nutrition, where he learnt the science of food and the positive benefits of good nutrition.

Another famous Tokyo restaurant beckoned next, the Nobu inspired “Indigo”, where he was Sous Chef for 1 year, then to increase his skills and perfect his trade, Daisuke worked as Sushi and Japanese a la carte Chef for several years in the Kappo style restaurant “Kanofu” in Tokyo.

His interest in Australia began when he started English lessons at 26, taught by Aussie language teachers in Tokyo – they gave him a love of Australia, Australian wines and an even keener interest in traveling down-under to surf.On his first Australian holiday ten years ago, Daisuke couldn’t wait to dine at Tetsuyas, whom he’d read about in Japanese newspapers. Everything was perfect he says - truly inspirational!

During his next surfing trip, Daisuke’s life was saved by local board riders, and whilst he was recovering in hospital with a serious throat gash, he became determined to improve his English and relocate to Australia.In July 2008, a visa agent introduced him to Mr. Bob Jones, owner of the very successful chain of Sushi Train restaurants and by December that year, he was on the Gold Coast as part of the pre-opening team, helping to build Ten Japanese Restaurant.Working together, the chefs set up the kitchens and the bar and also helped to lay the restaurant floors and wall tiles, before commencing the serious business of menu preparation.

It was a very busy and exciting time preparing for the opening of the restaurant, but Daisuke found time to fly back to Kyoto to marry his young Japanese bride, Masae.

Together, they have made a new life on the Gold Coast and now 18 months later, Daisuke has been promoted to Head Chef of the beautiful Ten Japanese Restaurant. Whilst a very experienced a la carte Chef, his favourite style is working at the sushi counter because he loves to watch the reaction of guests to his food and to receive their feedback, just as he did as a boy in Kyoto.

Daisuke enjoys leaving the kitchen each night to meet and chat a little with diners, and this conversation with guests plus his English classes are really improving his language skills.

“Ten” in Japanese translates to heaven, and Daisuke’s passion mirrors that of owner Mr. Bob Jones – to work hard to create the best possible dining experience for guests, to give them a “taste of heaven” on the Gold Coast.

We welcome Head Chef Daisuke Miyake to his new senior position.

Wendy Vaughan

22 September, 2010

Tsukimi Festival

Tsukimi is a Japanese tradition originally from the Chinese Moon Festival, which is to appreciate the moon on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. In 2010, this day falls on 22nd September.

In Japan, the moon on this night is referred to as "Jugoya” (the night of 15th), or "Chushu no meigetsu” (great moon of mid-autumn).

Traditionally, this festival is celebrated quietly at home with tsukimi dango (Japanese dumplings) and Japanese sake, while susuki (pampas grass) is arranged in a vase for the window ledge. It's widely said in Japan that the shadows on the moon surface look like a rabbit pounding mochi rice cake on usu mortar.

At Ten Japanese Restaurant, we encourage you to celebrate Tsukimi, looking at the shadows on the moon surface whilst sipping a cup of sake.

To your good health,
Cheers Wendy

17 September, 2010

New Spring Menus!

Dear Valued Diners,

Sous Chef Daisuke Miyake has recently commenced two new degustation dinner menus for spring -the Japanese (Omakase Course) and the Teppanyaki Course, both to savour and enjoy in the relaxing luxury of Ten Japanese Restaurant, Broadbeach.
Inspired by spring, the wonderful new dishes will delight your senses and tempt your taste buds with the freshest and best possible ingredients from local, national and International sources. The degustation menus change monthly, so don't miss out on these fabulous new tastes.

The recently introduced system for a la carte ordering is proving very popular with guests, seated either at the sushi counter or in Ten's two private dining rooms.

"A minimum order of 1 entree + 1 main course per person"

Experienced Chef Kuni recommends diners enjoy several selected pieces of sushi or nigiri between their entree and main course, offering a true Japanese dining experience. Chef Kuni is very happy to help you with your selections, if you aren't familiar with all the different styles and tastes of sushi and sashimi.
We hope you will visit Ten during this month to taste the delicious new spring menus, and the team at Ten Japanese Restaurant looks forward to sharing their unique dining experience with you.

Wendy Vaughan

22 July, 2010

New Menus!!

We have the new Japanese Course (Fumizuki Course) and the Teppanyaki Course available!!

Please go to our website (www.teppanten.com.au) and click on Menu Tab to see our current menus.

I hope to see you soon!!

Kind regards,

Yuta Inoue

News on A la Carte

Dear Valued Customers,

We have a new Japanese a la carte menu in store, which has more special ingredients such as Fresh Truffle from Western Australia, exclusive Sterling Caviar and rare Organic Free Range Chicken and Eggs. These are the only few examples of the changes in the new menu, and I am very excited about it!!

Please note that we have a new ordering system, which is:
"minimum order of 1 Entree & 1 Main per person"

We have already had a great response from the customers who have had the Japanese a la Carte. I hope you enjoy our new Japanese a la Carte menu!

Yuta Inoue

06 July, 2010

Notice to Customers

Dear valued customers,

Thank you for your continued support at Ten Japanese Restaurant.

There will be an increase in menu price, with the introduction of the new menu later this month.

We will still be offering our valued clients with the superior dining experience, along with the freshest and best possible ingredients from selected sources.

Hiroshi Miura

Executive Chef
Ten Japanese Restaurant

02 June, 2010

Minazuki Course

We have started a new dinner menu today, for the month of June.
The “Minazuki Course features winter vegetables and other fresh ingredients.
We would like to welcome you for a truly exceptional dining experience.

Hiroshi Miura

Executive Chef
Ten Japanese Restaurant

05 May, 2010

1st Anniversary

On behalf of all staff members at Ten Japanese Restaurant, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who celebrated Ten’s One year anniversary with us.

It is our wish to be able to serve our precious customers with the best we can offer.
Thank you for your continuous support and patronage.

Hiroshi Miura

Executive Chef
Ten Japanese Restaurant

03 March, 2010


Our first days of Autumn 2010 started with the soothing sound of rain.

Autumn is the time when farmers prepare themselves to harvest new season’s crop, and here at Ten we have been working hard to create dishes to welcome our customers with a new delight of flavours.

Please come and enjoy lunch and dinner at Ten, where every visit is a discovery for the senses.

Hiroshi Miura

Executive Chef
Ten Japanese Restaurant

05 January, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Dear Valued Customers,

Happy New Year!!! We have had a quite successful 2009, winning Gold Coast Magazine Best Fine Dining and Supreme (No. 1) Award. We have also been featured on Bulletin Newspaper (Gold Coast), Courier Mail Newspaper (Brisbane), Nichigo Press (NSW and QLD) and Jetstar In-Flight Magazine.

We will continue to strive to be the best restaurant in Gold Coast, and one day become the best restaurant in Australia!!

Thank you for your support in 2009!!


Yuta Inoue