11 October, 2010

Chef Kuni's personal recommendation

While you are seated at the sushi counter, or in a luxurious private dining room at Ten Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Chef Kuni suggests you enjoy a plate of succulent fresh nigiri or roll sushi, for a true Japanese dining experience between your entree and main course.

Don't forget to ask Chef Kuni for his special daily recommendations and see you soon at Ten,

Cheers Wendy

06 October, 2010

Exciting News for Diners !

From 12th October, Head Chef Daisuke Miyake is introducing delicious changes to the seasonal Teppan degustation dinner menu.

As well as a fabulous new 8 course teppan degustation menu, Daisuke has created an alternative 5 course teppan degustation menu, offering guests the choice of an 8 course OR the 5 course dining experience, nightly at Ten Japanese Restaurant.

Chef is also introducing a choice of entrée available to guests on the new dinner degustation menus. If diners wish, they will be able to order the sushi or sashimi selection instead of the teppan entrée offering. Daisuke is predicting that each dish will be so delicious, it will be rather difficult for diners to choose which entrée they would prefer.

The talented team of Teppan chefs at Ten Japanese Restaurant is very excited about these changes to their Teppan menus, and we hope that you will join us soon to sample the delights of the new menus, commencing 12th October.


Wendy Vaughan