18 March, 2011

GC Bulletin story(17th March) re 9+ wagyu steak

There's no surprise that the Japanese Restaurant (referred to in the Bulletin today) which purchases the highest quality 9+ wagyu @ $200 per kilo, is Ten Japanese Restaurant, Broadbeach.

This pure-blood Kobe beef, with its high marble scoring is exclusive to Ten, where diners are able to experience this supreme quality meat prepared by experienced and skilful chefs, in luxurious surroundings.

The fabulous 9+ wagyu beef will also feature on Ten's upcoming 2nd Anniversary dinner menu.



17 March, 2011

Special News Update

2nd Anniversary dinner – Saturday April 16th 2011
10-course degustation menu featuring
a combination of contemporary Kaiseki + Ten’s original Teppanyaki dishes

Experience the unique and modern culinary skills of Head Chef Daisuke Miyake
with contemporary Japanese tastes
influenced by "old world" flavours and European cookery styles

Full menu details to follow soon



08 March, 2011

Ten's 2nd Anniversary

Dear Valued Diners,

Ten Japanese Restaurant is very proud to announce an exclusive dinner on Saturday 16th April 2011, to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.
This will be a very special evening with a fabulous 10-course degustation menu created especially for this event, by Head Chef Daisuke Miyake.

Chef Daisuke has created the most elegant and mouth-watering Japanese Kaiseki cuisine, using high quality, exclusive ingredients to stimulate your tastebuds and tempt your senses.
Speciality dishes including Bangalow organic duck, baby abalone, 9+ wagyu, Italian truffle, fresh lobster and foie gras will be featured on the menu, all served in Ten's "heavenly" surroundings with its renowned warm and personalised service, and attention to detail.

Ten's 2nd Anniversary will be an evening of taste sensations to remember, relaxing in style and luxury, and enjoying fabulous music performed by soloist Benson. Tickets @ $210 per person include the following:

  • an exclusive 10-course Japanese degustation menu, combining a special selection of Ten's contemporary Kaiseki and original teppanyaki dishes

  • a glass of Moet et Chandon on arrival per person

  • a gift bottle of Ten's 2nd Anniversary wine per couple

  • live entertainment performed by singer soloist Benson

01 March, 2011

Hina Matsuri Festival - Thursday 3rd March

Recently, I heard about the girls’ festival Hina Matsuri, and I asked a local Japanese lady, Miss Mako, to tell me the story. She said, “One of my favorite Japanese festivals is Hina Matsuri, when people pray for their daughters’ future happiness, health and growth. Girls celebrate this happy festival every year, until they are married.Sometimes known as the Doll Festival, the hina (dolls) used for this festival are called hina ningyo. These are a set of traditional wooden Japanese dolls, handed down from generation to generation, and taken out especially for this festival. The hina are dressed in great detail as members of the Japanese royal family and their court, such as the Chancellor, Ministers, royal guards with their weapons, musicians and girl servants, all displayed on a beautiful tiered stand covered in red cloth.Even today, girls dress-up on Hina Matsuri in their best kimonos. Some girls dress-up like the dolls, inviting their friends for a tea party, to enjoy sweet colorful rice crackers. After the festival, it’s important that the Hina are put away very quickly. If not, it’s thought that the daughter will be slow to marry”. Thank you for this lovely story Miss Mako, we appreciate it very much.