27 June, 2011

Bamboo Sake

Ten Japanese Restaurant, Broadbeach will celebrate the wonderful properties of bamboo during the month of July, with diners receiving a special complimentary taste of sake on arrival.

Wine Sommelier Masayuki Ichikawa has selected Gold Coast bamboo canes (tinged green and gold to remind him of the hinterland and the beaches of his new home) which he has handcrafted to make presentation bamboo cups and jugs. These have been stored frozen, to retain their beautiful green and gold shades.

On arrival, diners will be treated at the cocktail bar to an aperitif-style cup of chilled Ten Daiginjyou Sake, poured from the bamboo jug. This top quality sake, especially made for Ten from highly polished Japanese rice, is light and dry and infused with the delicate flavour of bamboo from the cups - a perfect beginning to an evening of culinary delights.

Not only is this traditional Japanese aperitif enjoyed by all for its delightful taste, but ancient Chinese wisdom says bamboo has wonder anti-aging powers, and everyone is interested in that.

Be sure to ask Marc when you next dine at Ten Japanese Restaurant – he may even tempt you to his special “sake tasting menu”.

Cheers Wendy,

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