07 September, 2011

"3 Chefs do Lunch" Celebrity Chefs Cooking Workshop 2011

On Saturday 3rd September, Ten’s Head Chef Daisuke Miyake participated in the “3 chefs do lunch” cooking workshop, at The Arts Centre Gold Coast with 300 local foodies gathered to watch, learn and dine on the delicious dishes, matched with local beverages.

Demonstrating his culinary skills and a natural ability to chat and charm the audience, Daisukes first time on stage showed his natural ability to entertain the crowd, and it definitely won’t be his last time under the bright lights.

EntrĂ©e was “Modern Contemporary Sushi”, with cuttlefish, grilled eel fillet and a crystal bay prawn – prepared, cooked and served up live on stage in 18 minutes - on a plate painted with the Ten Japanese Restaurant logo in Shiraz cabernet sticky sauce. The appreciative audience was wowed by the artistry and tastes of his first course, but they were absolutely amazed when Daisuke brandished his very special ultra-sharp Japanese knife, known as “Honekiri” and proceeded to expertly fillet a fresh eel in less than 5 minutes, right before their eyes.

Next followed his mouth-watering main course “Japanese Style Organic Duck Breast”, voted audience favourite on the day, served with Asian mushrooms, tofu mash and sticky red miso wine sauce - it was tender and cooked to perfection. Daisuke treated the audience to his secret “tofu mash” recipe, and also a lesson in how to grate fresh Tasmanian wasabi on his unique shark-skin grater “Samekawa”, to achieve the perfect flavour.

Dessert was a delightfully light “Mascarpone parcel”, served with matcha green tea and sweet red bean paste ice-cream. With a lesson in how to eat this delicious dessert (inspired by Affogatto), Daisuke was finished, except for a special appearance in a commemorative kimono, (sent to him from Japan by his Mother) to the theme music for “Iron Chef”.

It was an excellent day; Daisuke did a terrific job speaking throughout in English, and he’s already booked to reappear in the “3 Chefs do Lunch event” in 2012.
But if you dine at Ten Japanese Restaurant, you can meet Daisuke in person and taste his delicious food each week from Tuesday to Saturday – you don’t have to wait until next year’s event.