02 February, 2011

Setsubun Festival – Thursday 3rd February

“Setsubun” is celebrated every year on the day before spring starts in Japan, and the tradition is to chase out any demons from your house by scattering roasted soybeans to drive away goblins (bad luck) and draw in happiness. When scattering soybeans, open the window and scatter beans outside saying “Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi.” (鬼は外! 福は内!) - it means “Go out goblins, come in happiness!” Then you should quickly shut the window so that the goblin doesn’t come in, and scatter soybeans in the room saying “Fuku wa uchi!”. Japanese then collect up and eat an amount of beans that correspond to their age, expressing a wish for good health. Fathers often play the role of the demon wearing a demon mask and kids scatter beans at him, having lots of fun.
At Ten, we will celebrate the first day of our delicious new degustation menus on the Festival of Sensubun, and we will chase away demons and welcome happiness and good health for our customers and our staff.



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