16 November, 2011

New Year's Eve special event at TEN

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in true luxury, style and elegance at Ten Japanese Restaurant, Broadbeach.

Ten is “the place to be” on this special once a year evening - you can relax and enjoy yourselves in luxury and stylish comfort, knowing you will receive the most exquisite Japanese cuisine with warm and personalised service.

To bring in the New Year, Ten is offering a marvellous 10-course degustation dining experience showcasing original Teppanyaki dishes + contemporary Kaiseke creations, including a glass of Moet & Chandon on arrival, and featuring live entertainment from singer-soloist “Benson”.

For a special evening to remember, Ten is definitely the place to celebrate and bring in the New Year with friends and loved ones.

Seating is very limited, so book early, as you won’t want to miss out on this very special evening at Ten Japanese Restaurant, Broadbeach.

Cheers Wendy

11 October, 2011

Spring has arrived – new Omakase 9-course degustation menu

To celebrate the arrival of fresh local spring ingredients, Head Chef Daisuke Miyake will introduce his magnificent new Omakase menu, on Wednesday 12th October.

A very special 9-course menu which is creative, delicate, delicious and as amazing in its visual presentation and artistry as it is in taste sensations - cooked to perfection, the Omakase menu will feature modern contemporary Japanese flavours including, Alaskan King Crab leg poached in clear crab broth, with crab and pork buckwheat ravioli and Japanese sansho leaf, along with the heavenly taste of Blue fin toro sashimi with freshly grated Tasmanian wasabi. Lightly pan-fried Canadian scallop with frozen foie gras is another innovative and totally divine creation for our VIP diners at Ten Japanese Restaurant.

Go to the menu page, from Wednesday 12th October, for details of the fabulous new Omakase menu, then call soon to reserve your seats at the sushi counter or perhaps relax and spoil yourself in a private dining room.

04 October, 2011

New 2-course Teppanyaki lunch menu commencing Thursday 6th October 2011

The talented Teppanyaki chefs at Ten are very excited about their new addition to the teppan lunch menu: a mouth-watering, 9+ wagyu gourmet hamburger cooked to perfection with Tens special bar-b-que sauce, served with teppan-steamed potato wedges cooked in truffle butter, accompanied by assorted crisp garden leaves tossed in Caesar dressing.

Commencing on Thursday 6th October, the new dish sounds divine and tastes fabulous, leaving just enough room for a Heavenly dessert.

Relax at lunch time in air-conditioned comfort and luxury, from 12noon on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

See you soon at Ten,
Wendy Vaughan

07 September, 2011

"3 Chefs do Lunch" Celebrity Chefs Cooking Workshop 2011

On Saturday 3rd September, Ten’s Head Chef Daisuke Miyake participated in the “3 chefs do lunch” cooking workshop, at The Arts Centre Gold Coast with 300 local foodies gathered to watch, learn and dine on the delicious dishes, matched with local beverages.

Demonstrating his culinary skills and a natural ability to chat and charm the audience, Daisukes first time on stage showed his natural ability to entertain the crowd, and it definitely won’t be his last time under the bright lights.

Entrée was “Modern Contemporary Sushi”, with cuttlefish, grilled eel fillet and a crystal bay prawn – prepared, cooked and served up live on stage in 18 minutes - on a plate painted with the Ten Japanese Restaurant logo in Shiraz cabernet sticky sauce. The appreciative audience was wowed by the artistry and tastes of his first course, but they were absolutely amazed when Daisuke brandished his very special ultra-sharp Japanese knife, known as “Honekiri” and proceeded to expertly fillet a fresh eel in less than 5 minutes, right before their eyes.

Next followed his mouth-watering main course “Japanese Style Organic Duck Breast”, voted audience favourite on the day, served with Asian mushrooms, tofu mash and sticky red miso wine sauce - it was tender and cooked to perfection. Daisuke treated the audience to his secret “tofu mash” recipe, and also a lesson in how to grate fresh Tasmanian wasabi on his unique shark-skin grater “Samekawa”, to achieve the perfect flavour.

Dessert was a delightfully light “Mascarpone parcel”, served with matcha green tea and sweet red bean paste ice-cream. With a lesson in how to eat this delicious dessert (inspired by Affogatto), Daisuke was finished, except for a special appearance in a commemorative kimono, (sent to him from Japan by his Mother) to the theme music for “Iron Chef”.

It was an excellent day; Daisuke did a terrific job speaking throughout in English, and he’s already booked to reappear in the “3 Chefs do Lunch event” in 2012.
But if you dine at Ten Japanese Restaurant, you can meet Daisuke in person and taste his delicious food each week from Tuesday to Saturday – you don’t have to wait until next year’s event.


30 August, 2011

Gold Coast Show Day - Public Holiday

Ten Japanese Restaurant will be closed for lunch + dinner on Friday 2nd September, due to the GC Show public holiday - we apologise for any inconvenience. Ten will be open again on Saturday 3rd September, for lunch and dinner as usual, and we hope to see you there.

Cheers Wendy

19 August, 2011

Exciting dinner menus commencing Wednesday 24th August - all new!

Featuring the finest exclusive ingredients and top quality seasonal local produce, Head Chef Daisuke Miyake has created 3 fabulous new Teppanyaki dinner set menus:

  • 5 course degustation menu @ $110 pp

  • 5+ course gourmet degustation menu @ $150pp

  • 8+ course supreme degustation menu @ $230pp

Ten’s expert teppan chefs will display their impressive culinary skills with these absolutely new menus featuring the freshest of seafood including abalone, Alaskan king crab and fresh Tasmanian lobster, along with foie gras, black truffle and wagyu beef.
Although most of the favourite dishes are still available on the a la carte menu, Chef has made significant changes to this menu, with delicious new dishes to delight regular diners and those new to Ten.
Also on the 24th, Daisuke will introduce his amazing new 9-course Omakase menu - reflecting contemporary Japanese cuisine, the menu is visually perfect, both artistic and creative, and the taste sensations are heavenly.
Please go to the menu page from 24th August for full details of the many fabulous new dishes that will commence on that day, then call soon to reserve your seats at the sushi counter or at the teppan grill, or perhaps relax and spoil yourself in a private dining room.
Why not treat Dad to a special Fathers Day gift voucher, so he can enjoy a luxurious dining experience in Ten Japanese Restaurant, on a day that suits him.
We look forward to seeing you soon,

Cheers Wendy

02 August, 2011

New lunch menus commencing Thursday 4th August

Tens’ talented chefs have created delicious new set lunch menus, to commence this Thursday.

The lunch menus feature fresh seafood from the Sydney markets, selected by Head Chef Daisuke Miyake, packed on ice, and flown to the Gold Coast three times per week especially for Ten. This ensures that Ten’s VIP diners enjoy the freshest, and the best, top quality seafood at all times.

There is a new 3-course set teppan lunch menu @ $45 pp + a new 5-course gourmet teppan lunch menu @ $70pp, all cooked and served at the marvelous teppan counter, showcasing the exquisite culinary skills of Ten’s Teppan Chefs.

There are also 2 new fabulous Japanese kaiseke set lunch menus - a 3-course set menu @ $45 pp + a 6-course lunch menu @ $70pp, both featuring high quality produce and creative contemporary Japanese cuisine.

There is so much variety on the new set menus, and such a wide selection of choices that regular diners will find it difficult to select their favourite.

For full menu details, go to the menu page from 3rd August.

Ten is open for lunch Thursday – Saturday from 12 noon. Call soon to reserve your seats at the sushi counter or at the teppan grill, or if you prefer, relax and spoil yourself in a private dining room (but book early to ensure availability).

See you soon for lunch at Ten Japanese Restaurant

Cheers Wendy

PS Looking for that perfect Fathers Day gift? For the man who has everything, why not treat Dad to a gift voucher from Ten Japanese Restaurant? He will love it, and we will look after him in true style!

27 June, 2011

Bamboo Sake

Ten Japanese Restaurant, Broadbeach will celebrate the wonderful properties of bamboo during the month of July, with diners receiving a special complimentary taste of sake on arrival.

Wine Sommelier Masayuki Ichikawa has selected Gold Coast bamboo canes (tinged green and gold to remind him of the hinterland and the beaches of his new home) which he has handcrafted to make presentation bamboo cups and jugs. These have been stored frozen, to retain their beautiful green and gold shades.

On arrival, diners will be treated at the cocktail bar to an aperitif-style cup of chilled Ten Daiginjyou Sake, poured from the bamboo jug. This top quality sake, especially made for Ten from highly polished Japanese rice, is light and dry and infused with the delicate flavour of bamboo from the cups - a perfect beginning to an evening of culinary delights.

Not only is this traditional Japanese aperitif enjoyed by all for its delightful taste, but ancient Chinese wisdom says bamboo has wonder anti-aging powers, and everyone is interested in that.

Be sure to ask Marc when you next dine at Ten Japanese Restaurant – he may even tempt you to his special “sake tasting menu”.

Cheers Wendy,

23 June, 2011

Tanabata - Star Festival

Tanabata is a Japanese tradition wherein people write their secret wish on tanzaku papers (colorful, small strips of papers) and hang them on bamboo branches. People also decorate bamboo branches with various kinds of paper decorations and place them outside their houses. The most common Tanabata decorations are colorful streamers which are said to symbolize the weaving of threads. Other tanabata decorations are toami (a casting net) which means good luck for fishing and farming and kinchaku (a hand bag), which means wealth.

Tanabata, which literally means the night of the seventh, originated more than 2,000 years ago with an old Chinese tale called Kikkoden. "Once there was a weaver princess named Orihime and a cow herder prince named Hikoboshi living in space. After they met, they played all the time and forgot about their jobs. The king was angry with them and separated them to opposite sides of the Amanogawa River (Milky Way). The king allowed them to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Japanese lunar calendar. It's believed that Orihime and Hikoboshi can't see each other if the day is rainy, so people pray for good weather and also make wishes for them".

Tanabata is celebrated in Japan on July 7th (the seventh day of the seventh month), and it's also known as the Star Festival . Many cities and towns hold Tanabata festivals - people often light lanterns and float them on the river. Sometimes they float bamboo leaves and in some regions, people set colourful Tanabata displays along the main streets - its fun to walk through the long streamers floating gracefully in the summer sky.

Please write your secret wish on tanzaku paper and we will hang it from our bamboo tree.
Thank you for celebrating Tanabata with us at Ten Japanese Restaurant - we hope your secret wish comes true.

Cheers Wendy,

05 May, 2011

Koinobori - 5th May

May 5 is a Japanese national holiday called kodomo-no-hi (Children's Day).

It's traditionally celebrated as Boy's Festival in Japan (called tango-no-sekku) and there is a tradition of hanging up koinobori (carp-shaped streamers) outside houses of families with boys, to pray for their healthy growth.
It's said that koinobori symbolize strength and achievement.

There are many koinobori festivals held around this holiday, with a large number of many different designs and sizes of koinobori displayed outdoors. In Tokyo, 333 koinobori are on display at the foot of Tokyo Tower until May 8, 2011.
It's energizing to watch koinobori swim in the sky.

Today we celebrate tango-no-sekku with you, and we wish for good health for all boys.

Cheers Wendy

04 May, 2011

Fabulous new menus commencing Wednesday 4th May

To celebrate the cooler weather seasonal produce, Ten Japanese Restaurant is introducing a new 5-course and a new 8 course Teppan degustation menu to commence this week.

Fabulous tastes will be sure to please and delight regular customers, and new diners will be impressed by the high standard of top-quality produce and expert culinary skills shown by the teppan chefs, in their uniquely Ten style of Teppanyaki.

Also on Wednesday 4th, Head Chef Daisuke Miyake will showcase his magnificent new 9-course degustation Omakase menu - as perfect in its visual presentation, creativity and artistry, as it is in taste sensations, reflecting contemporary Japanese cuisine.

Go to the menu page from 4th May for full details of the many fabulous new dishes that will commence on that day, then call soon to reserve your seats at the sushi counter or at the teppan grill, or perhaps relax and spoil yourself in a private dining room.

Why not celebrate an early Mothers Day this week and treat Mum to lunch or dinner at Ten Japanese Restaurant? (Ten is open for lunch Thursday – Saturday / closed on Sunday)

See you soon at Ten,

Cheers Wendy

14 April, 2011

Easter Trading Hours

Happy Easter to you!

At Ten, we thank you for your support and hope that the Easter season will be happy and healthy for you and your families.

Ten Japanese Restaurant is closed on Sunday + Public Holidays, so please note the following Easter trading hours:

  • open for lunch, 12 noon to 3pm: Thurs 21st April

  • open for dinner, from 6pm: Tues 19th / Wed 20th / Thurs 21st April

closed lunch + dinner: Fri 22nd / Sat 23rd / Sun 24th / Mon 25th / Tues 26th April

  • open for lunch, from 12 noon - 3pm: Thurs 28th - Sat 30th April

  • open for dinner from 6pm: Wed 27th - Sat 30th April

We look forward to seeing you again after the Easter break, when Ten will be commencing fabulous new Teppan and kaiseki menus, to match the seasonal autumn changes.



08 April, 2011

Gold Coast People’s Choice Restaurant Awards 2011

"Ten Japanese Restaurant is delighted to announce it won the 2011 Best Fine Dining Restaurant Award + the very prestigious Supreme Award at the glamorous GC Magazine Awards dinner at Marina Mirage this week. A table of chefs and front-of-house team members were there to celebrate the award-wins in style, sipping Moet & Chandon and dancing with delight as the announcements were made. The talented team at Ten are particularly thrilled, as this is the second year in a row that the restaurant has won both of these categories, showcasing the dedication to excellence, attention to detail and consistently high standards which Ten is committed to providing. Tens' 2nd anniversary dinner is rapidly approaching and Head Chef Daisuke Miyake has created a very special 10 course degustation menu to celebrate the event, on Saturday 16th April, served in the most luxurious and elegant surroundings. There are still a few remaining seats for locals who truly appreciate quality, so call the restaurant now to secure your seats to celebrate in style".

18 March, 2011

GC Bulletin story(17th March) re 9+ wagyu steak

There's no surprise that the Japanese Restaurant (referred to in the Bulletin today) which purchases the highest quality 9+ wagyu @ $200 per kilo, is Ten Japanese Restaurant, Broadbeach.

This pure-blood Kobe beef, with its high marble scoring is exclusive to Ten, where diners are able to experience this supreme quality meat prepared by experienced and skilful chefs, in luxurious surroundings.

The fabulous 9+ wagyu beef will also feature on Ten's upcoming 2nd Anniversary dinner menu.



17 March, 2011

Special News Update

2nd Anniversary dinner – Saturday April 16th 2011
10-course degustation menu featuring
a combination of contemporary Kaiseki + Ten’s original Teppanyaki dishes

Experience the unique and modern culinary skills of Head Chef Daisuke Miyake
with contemporary Japanese tastes
influenced by "old world" flavours and European cookery styles

Full menu details to follow soon



08 March, 2011

Ten's 2nd Anniversary

Dear Valued Diners,

Ten Japanese Restaurant is very proud to announce an exclusive dinner on Saturday 16th April 2011, to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.
This will be a very special evening with a fabulous 10-course degustation menu created especially for this event, by Head Chef Daisuke Miyake.

Chef Daisuke has created the most elegant and mouth-watering Japanese Kaiseki cuisine, using high quality, exclusive ingredients to stimulate your tastebuds and tempt your senses.
Speciality dishes including Bangalow organic duck, baby abalone, 9+ wagyu, Italian truffle, fresh lobster and foie gras will be featured on the menu, all served in Ten's "heavenly" surroundings with its renowned warm and personalised service, and attention to detail.

Ten's 2nd Anniversary will be an evening of taste sensations to remember, relaxing in style and luxury, and enjoying fabulous music performed by soloist Benson. Tickets @ $210 per person include the following:

  • an exclusive 10-course Japanese degustation menu, combining a special selection of Ten's contemporary Kaiseki and original teppanyaki dishes

  • a glass of Moet et Chandon on arrival per person

  • a gift bottle of Ten's 2nd Anniversary wine per couple

  • live entertainment performed by singer soloist Benson

01 March, 2011

Hina Matsuri Festival - Thursday 3rd March

Recently, I heard about the girls’ festival Hina Matsuri, and I asked a local Japanese lady, Miss Mako, to tell me the story. She said, “One of my favorite Japanese festivals is Hina Matsuri, when people pray for their daughters’ future happiness, health and growth. Girls celebrate this happy festival every year, until they are married.Sometimes known as the Doll Festival, the hina (dolls) used for this festival are called hina ningyo. These are a set of traditional wooden Japanese dolls, handed down from generation to generation, and taken out especially for this festival. The hina are dressed in great detail as members of the Japanese royal family and their court, such as the Chancellor, Ministers, royal guards with their weapons, musicians and girl servants, all displayed on a beautiful tiered stand covered in red cloth.Even today, girls dress-up on Hina Matsuri in their best kimonos. Some girls dress-up like the dolls, inviting their friends for a tea party, to enjoy sweet colorful rice crackers. After the festival, it’s important that the Hina are put away very quickly. If not, it’s thought that the daughter will be slow to marry”. Thank you for this lovely story Miss Mako, we appreciate it very much.



24 February, 2011

New Undercover Parking Arrangements

Meriton Pegagus have introduced a new parking system, however we have negotiated to secure validated free parking for Ten Japanese Restaurant diners.
Simply present your Meriton Pegasus parking ticket on arrival at Ten, and we will provide you with a validated ticket for free parking, whilst you are dining at Ten Japanese Restaurant.
We look forward to seeing at Ten,



02 February, 2011

Setsubun Festival – Thursday 3rd February

“Setsubun” is celebrated every year on the day before spring starts in Japan, and the tradition is to chase out any demons from your house by scattering roasted soybeans to drive away goblins (bad luck) and draw in happiness. When scattering soybeans, open the window and scatter beans outside saying “Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi.” (鬼は外! 福は内!) - it means “Go out goblins, come in happiness!” Then you should quickly shut the window so that the goblin doesn’t come in, and scatter soybeans in the room saying “Fuku wa uchi!”. Japanese then collect up and eat an amount of beans that correspond to their age, expressing a wish for good health. Fathers often play the role of the demon wearing a demon mask and kids scatter beans at him, having lots of fun.
At Ten, we will celebrate the first day of our delicious new degustation menus on the Festival of Sensubun, and we will chase away demons and welcome happiness and good health for our customers and our staff.



New menu for Febuary

To celebrate the Festival of “Setsubun” on Thursday 3rd February, Head Chef Daisuke Miyake has created a magnificent new 9 course degustation Omakase menu - as perfect in its visual presentation and artistry as it is in taste sensations. Creative and cooked to perfection, the Omakase menu will feature divine tastes such as crumbed Tasmanian lamb sliced and rolled with yuzu and tumeric; fresh fillet of tile fish wrapped in wasabi and sticky rice, and baby squid filled with bamboo shoots with a pickled plum and shiso paste.
Chef will also introduce the new 5-course and 8 course Teppan degustation menus, which are sure to please and delight the taste-buds, whilst the teppan chefs will display their expertise and skills in a uniquely Ten style of Teppanyaki – its all part of the artistry that is Ten.
Go to the menu page from 3rd February for full details of the many fabulous new dishes that will commence on that day, then call soon to reserve your seats at the sushi counter or at the teppan grill, or perhaps relax and spoil yourself in a private dining room.
Don’t forget that Ten is also open for lunch 3 days per week (Thurs – Sat), and now that the children are back at school, Ten is perfect for a lunchtime catch-up with the girls.

See you soon at Ten,



05 January, 2011

January Trading Hours

Happy New Year to you all!

At Ten, we hope it will be a happy, healthy and successful 2011 for you and your families.

Ten Japanese Restaurant has now returned to usual trading hours with the addition of Wednesday lunch each week in January.

January trading hours are as follows:

  • open for lunch: Wednesday - Saturday from 12noon - 3pm
  • open for dinner: Tuesday - Saturday from 6pm
  • closed: Sunday, Monday and public holidays

Watch this space for news of the next fabulous seasonal menus from Head Chef Daisuke Miyake to commence in February,